DGraph Community Questions

Hello everyone I have several questions regarding what I can do with DGraph Community:
1-. Is there a BI tool for my DGraph database?
2.- Can I use the @auth directive with the Community version?

#2, yes you can use the @auth directive.

On #1, I don’t think there is a business intelligent UI tool. But there are probably some metrics that you can dig into, idk… @MichelDiz you run Dgraph locally. Are there any metrics that can be pulled out?

Thanks for your quick response.

2 @auth yes is cool but i have error when create my schema with @auth. so but @custom or @remote, I too have errors.

1 My use case is something like this, I want to bring data from different relational databases and have a knowledge graph that can be easily consumed by users, not developers and therefore assemble their reports without help from the IT area.

Nope, metrics about the data or about Dgraph activities? The second there are the one exposed via Grafana.

I don’t know a tool that would do that. Maybe a CRM? But none is related to Dgraph or even Graph DBs in general.

BTW, I think we gonna have a connection with some BI (Power BI? not sure) - I think there is a mention in the roadmap about that. See http://discuss.dgraph.io/t/2021-roadmap-may-2021/14200

Yes of course, a tool to the Power BI style, Grahileon (Neo4J or MemGraph) that one configure the data source database as DGraph and be able to build the reports within the tool.

Super Cool if we are creating a Datawhare house in Dgraph and we want wath people from Marketing, Products, etc, to be able to extract your own data.

On the other hand when I am creating a scheme that uses the @custom or @auth directives it gives me an error and does not let me. Could it be that if I pass the print to you, can you please help me?