Dgraph Docker

Hello everybody.
I am new in Dgraph, I downloaded the version in Docker, but I have a problem, when I restart it the data is lost. Can you help me with this please.

Please, share the commands you have used and the OS.

Hello, I have the same problem.
When I define the partition in dgrap in Operating System Window 10 in the path / c / dgraph / data and I execute docker-compose up and the docker service runs perfectly but when I restart the operating system, the command dgraph zero --my = zero: 5080 the defined port fails, and consequently I cannot execute Query and Mutators and Dgraph-Ratel does not work either. This is the docker-compose image below.

If you are pulling latest (not local latest), Ratel isn’t available there. You can use http://play.dgraph.io/.

Are you sharing the storage? there is a process to do before using this binding feature from Docker. Please check the Docker docs related to binding volumes with Windows.

If it fails that means that there are containers running with that port.

Thank so much. We already saw our mistake. Very grateful for the support.

@joaquin has published the Ratel image Docker Hub