Dgraph for rdfs domain and range?

Yes, I understand your use-case. It doesn’t support nesting at more than one level. So you could have Transportation and then list all possible ways under that. But can not do more nesting under Transportation. @abhimanyusinghgaur/@harshil_goel correct me if I am wrong.

Yes the 8080 port seems to be responding, with

{"errors":[{"message":"no query string supplied in request"}]}

which I assume is just because I didn’t supply the (correct) command. I don’t know how to use curl, if that is how it is done, be we have others on the team that could do it.

However, based on your further clarifications, I’m leaning towards that this would not ultimately help us, given the work done so far to use the graphQL± structure. We are using our next level up of software to help enforce the correct types for data entry. But for the future, would be great if you can implement in Dgraph. Thanks!

You could do it via Postman as well.

Do you mean you are using some software on top of dgraph? Could you share what you are building? Always interested to see dgraph use cases by community.

Yes there is work on some kind of API, I’m not intimately involved in that, just helping out the team with some other software evaluations/tasks.

It is a sort of predictive logistics project. I think that’s the most I can elaborate there.

Thanks again for all the help! In this thread and the other one. The Dgraph team is very responsive!