Dgraph install script does not seem to be updated

I was installing Dgraph using curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | bash, and it auto-accepted the license agreement:

By downloading Dgraph you agree to the Dgraph Community License (DCL) terms
shown above. An open source (Apache 2.0) version of Dgraph without any
DCL-licensed enterprise features is available by building from the Dgraph
source code. See the source installation instructions for more info:
main: line 61: read: `Do you agree to the terms of the Dgraph Community License? [Y/n] ': not a valid identifier
Latest release version is v20.07.0.
Downloading checksum file for v20.07.0 build.

I checked get.dgraph.io, and the error is on this line:

read -pr 'Do you agree to the terms of the Dgraph Community License? [Y/n] ' response < /dev/tty

The error is that -p flag should be next to the prompt string.

The source code for the install script is hosted here, and the error is fixed there, but it seems that the installation script on the website hasn’t been updated in a while.

This repo isn’t being used for now. I need to have a call with @dmai about this. To migrate to that repo instead the private one.

This issue is fixed and now get.dgraph.io is using the GitHub - dgraph-io/Install-Dgraph: Dgraph installation scripts repo.

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