Dgraph Jepsen test results released

Hey folks,

Kyle Kingsbury, aka https://twitter.com/aphyr, released Dgraph’s Jepsen test report that we have been collaborating on since the beginning of this year. A lot of work has gone into identifying and fixing these issues, so I’m excited to share this report.

The reason we brought Kyle so early in our journey as a DB was so we can proactively identify issues and quickly stabilize this complex database.

We’ll continue to work on the remaining issues – in particular snapshot violation during bank tests, which now only occurs after many hours of testing on a 10-node cluster – and is, therefore, hard to identify and debug.


Read it, and I’m around to answer any questions.



It is trending #4 on Hacker News right now.


Really happy with work dgraph doing. Amazing.

Few questions

  1. 1.0.7 major changes from 1.0.6. you run all tests
    on new version before release?

  2. Testing strategy of dgraph before release ?
    New bugs with new release. No regression testing?
    expand_edge=false option causes all mutations to fail · Issue #2547 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

  3. Results say dgraph struggling to provide snapshot isolation.
    Timeline for fix so we can use in critical system?

  4. Dgraph product roadmap timeline? How time to fix issues before features.

Is there a newer version of the Jepsen report for Dgraph?

No. Not yet. We were trying to get Kyle to do a small report, but he didn’t have cycles. We will do a blog post soon about that, which could serve as a report.

Thanks. Looking forward to the report!