DGraph lambda broken out of the box

Running on Debian 11 inside VirtualBox.
used the documentation (even though its wrong) to get instance working.
Relevant log from output shows lambda not working.
This is stock standard out of the box dgraph.

I0823 14:09:08.419300    2413 run.go:533] Running node command: node t/index.js
E0823 14:09:08.419328    2413 run.go:535] Failed to start lambda server at port: 20000. Got err: exec: "node": executable file not found in $PATH

Why does this not work?

Hey @riverdusty,

Can you share your docker compose file? I’ll try it out on Debian.

I’m not using docker. I installed debian 11 in virtualbox (Oracle) and then used the documentation (ala curl | bash) to install dgraph. Then followed the documentation to run it (including changing the -lru_mb to -cache). Downloads – Dgraph | GraphQL Cloud Platform

Try to pass to alpa the following option to avoid this error :
dgraph alpha --lambda "num=0"

@riverdusty You can, and I would strongly recommend, that you download version v21.03.2. This is the most stable version of dgraph ATM.

curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | VERSION=v21.03.2 bash
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Does the command in the documentation not download the latest version?
If this is the recommended command, why is it missing from the download documentation?
I’m making a big deal about the bad documentation because I’ve been tasked with evaluating dgraph for a mission critical system. If I cannot trust the documentation to be accurate, how can I trust the product?

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Even if that works, what are the implications? Where is this in the ‘getting-started’ documentation?

It does. Unfortunately, the latest version is not stable. The recommended production version is v21.03.2. There’s been some reshuffling of management and engineering over the last several months. The new leadership is working hard to right the ship.

See: Dgraph Summer Update - #4 by RJKeevil and New funding announcement - #15 by evk

When viewing the docs, make sure you have v21.03.2 selected.

A few more things:

  • most people tend to use docker compose to bring up a cluster, so the documentation to run dgraph straight-up is a little lacking.
  • the tour of dgraph is the best starting place: A Tour of Dgraph
  • dgraph’s documentation is a classic example of a great product with no-so-great documentation. On a positive note, there’s a ton of respectful and helpful people in these forums that are willing and able to help you during your evaluation. Feel free to reach out when needed.
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