Dgraph live can not used admin/export g01.rdf.gz to restore db

the Reason : uid parse is not eq

zcat g01.rdf.gz | haed 
<_:uid3b8484> <xid> "a6b0375b992e5eed2d2c48713b9a3c8c"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b8485> <xid> "8598e34248be85f5eac595b2dadde6ea"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b8486> <xid> "c17704ea5b0f83d78f1377075ffe1c89"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b8487> <xid> "6198d69ccbd7cdd4cc18b356eb5a5672"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b8488> <xid> "66d1bba7f688d79166ab2e80ab913286"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b8489> <xid> "4e7705c8516790fe4a90c1531dbfd081"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b848a> <xid> "b62be43d9a2fc94e1144d8257e6b7586"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b848b> <xid> "e96f607e77dd378a0a399e5370a833d4"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b848c> <xid> "1af1576c2fccf506fa695d203b7a758e"^^<xs:string> .
<_:uid3b848d> <xid> "ec30c6a3008c1987ceb9c9eaae197632"^^<xs:string> .

when I use dgraph live to load g01.rdf.gz , the Uid “_:uid3b8484” parse result is not equal “0x3b8484” , but is 0x1bddcd1


 val:[_:uid3b8484] , uid:0x1bddcd1
 val:[_:uid3b8485] , uid:0x1be03e1
 val:[_:uid3b8486] , uid:0x1be2af1
 val:[_:uid3b8487] , uid:0x1be5201
 val:[_:uid3b8488] , uid:0x1be7911
 val:[_:uid3b8489] , uid:0x1bea021
 val:[_:uid3b848a] , uid:0x1bec731
 val:[_:uid3b848b] , uid:0x1beee41
 val:[_:uid3b848c] , uid:0x1bf1551
 val:[_:uid3b848d] , uid:0x1bddcd2
 val:[_:uid3b848e] , uid:0x1bf3c61

The export data exports UIDs as blank nodes and will not be imported back with the same UID as the exported cluster.

thanks for you reply