Dgraph on Windows last version?

Hi All,

I am learning about Dgraph and various other graph databases.

For a project that I am working on I need a graph database that can be compiled to run on Linux, Windows, and maybe even Mac.

From what I have ready, Dgraph used to support different platforms but now only supports Linux and to run on Windows, you have to set it up in a docker container.

That will not work for m purposes and I am wondering what the last version of Dgraph was that supported being compiled on Windows as well was since it is in Golang, I would expect that it should still compile.

Can someone please let me know so that I can grab the sources and test out a Linux and Windows compile of Dgraph?

Any help would be truly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance

Hi All,

I think that I have been able to find the last Dgraph version that compiled for Windows, Linux, and Darwin.

Dgraph v20.11.3 - (Tenacious T’Challa - 3)

It seems to have binaries for each platform as well as the sources.

I grabbed a copy and tried to compile it on my Ubuntu 20.04 by just using the “make all” but it only compiled for Linux and did not seem to compile for the other platforms.

Does someone know what is needed?

Do I need to install some cross compilers or something to get it to build the releases for the other platforms as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The support for Windows was dropped. You have to build your own binary. Or you can use Linux on WSL.

Dgraph is meant to run on Cloud context.

Yea, that’s what I am working towards and think that the v20.11.3 release was the last version that had a release with Windows binaries as well.

What I am working on is trying to determine how to compile up those binaries with that particular source code release which I downloaded since that release was able to build them and the scripts should be there.

I understand that Dgraph is meant to run on the Cloud which is fine, but since previous versions created binaries for Linux, Windows, and Darwin, I just want to recreate those binaries from that source release and build from there.

Thanks again.

I figured it out.

Just use the contribs/release.sh

You have to adjust the paths a bit, but seems to work.