Dgraph Response Size Threshold

When expanding the depth level of some of our queries, we get a 504 response and the following message appears in the Alpha log:

message": "while running ToJson: estimated response size: 4294967367 is bigger than threshold: 4294967296"

Is there anyway to increase the threshold or is it a hard limit?

Thanks in advance!

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version

Dgraph version : v21.03.2
Dgraph codename : rocket-2
Dgraph SHA-256 : 00a53ef6d874e376d5a53740341be9b822ef1721a4980e6e2fcb60986b3abfbf
Commit SHA-1 : b17395d33
Commit timestamp : 2021-08-26 01:11:38 -0700
Branch : HEAD
Go version : go1.16.2
jemalloc enabled : true

We have been trying to figure this out too, but have been unable to change any settings that would address it. Any help would be appreciated…