Dgraph schema do not reflect GraphQL types which have fields mapped to interfaces

It seems there is a problem when trying to pushing a GraphQL schema into dgraph.
The issue is that no predicates in the dgraph schema are created for GeaphQL type’s fields which are mapped to interface

interface Speaker {
  voices: [VoiceActing!]!

type VoiceActing implements Metadata {
  character: Speaker! @hasInverse(field: voices)
  isPrimary: Boolean!

The predicate VoiceActing.character is not inserted in dgraph and skiped. This implies that the first time we insert a node with that predicate dgraph will automatically add it with the type [uid]

Which will break graphql because during the query dgraph will return an array of Speaker , missmatching with the schema definition.

Hi @Luscha
Thanks for reporting this, I think we already have a ticket for this, if not I will create one.

This one https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/5311 ?