Dgraph Software Project Owners and SMEs

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I often forget who to tag for certain problems. Putting this here so I remember.

Dgraph Clients

Client Name Language Owner
dgo Go @chewxy
pydgraph Python @chewxy
dgraph4j Java @abhimanyusinghgaur
dgraph-js JavaScript @vardhanapoorv
dgraph-js-http JavaScript (connecting via HTTP) @arpan
dgraph.NET C# @aelbannan
ratel JavaScript (React) @arpan

Subject Matter Experts

The SMEs tagged here are usually a tech lead of sorts, who can then route questions better. Think of them as general unblockers.
The list is currently incomplete

Subject Matter Experts
GraphQL internals @pawan
GraphQL externals @pawan
DQL @MichelDiz @dmai
General Dgraph problems @MichelDiz
Dgraph Cloud Business @david
Dgraph Cloud Tech General @arpan
Customer Success @omar
Vagrant/Docker @joaquin
Terraform (AWS) @joaquin @slotlocker2
Terraform (GCP/Azure) @joaquin
K8s @joaquin @slotlocker2 @gja @dmai
Helm @joaquin
Systemd @joaquin
Dgraph performance @ibrahim
Dgraph internals @ibrahim @dmai
Dgraph value ???
Dgraph mTLS @aman-bansal
Dgraph profiling/tracing @dmai
Dgraph ACL @dmai
Badger @ibrahim @Naman
Ristretto @karl @ibrahim
Frontend JS @thiyaga @vardhanapoorv @mbj36