Dgraph v1.0.11-rc4 release candidate

(Daniel Mai) #1

Hey folks,

Please try out our latest release candidate v1.0.11-rc4.

Link to binaries: Linux , Darwin, Windows .

Also published on Docker tagged as v1.0.11-rc4.

Note: This is not the official release. You won’t be able to get these binaries using the get.dgraph.io quick install script.

The full release notes for v1.0.11-rc4 are available in the CHANGELOG.

This is the first release variously licensed under the Apache Public License 2.0 and Dgraph Community License. Dgraph enterprise features will be licensed under the proprietary Dgraph Community License, not under Apache 2.0. This release includes full binary backups as an enterprise feature.


The Dgraph Team

(Daniel Mai) #2

(Daniel Mai) #3

This version also includes a new Ratel selection screen that lets you select between dev, stable, and local versions of the Ratel UI. You’ll see this selection screen when running the dgraph-ratel binary in v1.0.11-rc4 and going to http://localhost:8000.