Dgraph v1.0.9 release

(Daniel Mai) #1

Hey all,

The v1.0.9 release of Dgraph is officially out.

Release binaries and release notes are available above.

Docker tags: v1.0.9, latest.

You can also install the release with curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | bash.

As always, please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Keep building!

– Daniel and the Dgraph team

(Daniel Mai) #2

(nyadav) #3

Is there link to download Dgraph Java client jars compatible with v1.0.9 ?

(Daniel Mai) #4

The latest version of dgraph4j is compatible with Dgraph v1.0.9. JARs are available from Maven Central.

(vasonyang) #5

querying are so slow even indexing(fulltext)

   query(func:alloftext(company_name, "北京万科"),first:5) {

used 147s, total 3million companies.

(Daniel Mai) #6