Dgraph v21.03.2: Resilient Rocket-2 release

Hey folks,

Dgraph v21.03.2 is now available.

Docker tag: v21.03.2



  • GraphQL

    • Handle extend keyword for Queries and Mutations (#7923)
  • Core Dgraph

    • fix(Raft): Detect network partition when streaming (#7908)
    • fix(Raft): Reconnect via a redial in case of disconnection. (#7921)
    • fix(conn): JoinCluster loop should use latest conn (#7952)
    • fix(pool): use write lock when getting health info (#7967)
    • fix(acl): The Acl cache should be updated on restart and restore. (#7964)
    • fix(acl): filter out the results based on type (#7981)
    • fix(backup): Fix full backup request (#7934)
    • fix(live): quote the xid when doing upsert (#7999)
    • fix(export): Write temporary files for export to the t directory. (#7998)


  • protobuf: upgrade golang/protobuf library v1.4.1 → v1.5.2 (#7949)
  • chore(raft): Log packets message less frequently. (#7913)


  • feat(acl): allow access to all the predicates using wildcard. (#7993)
  • feat(Multi-tenancy): Add namespaces field to state. (#7936)

Please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Keep building smarter apps!

– The Dgraph team