Do Dgraph have any limitations over adding number of nodes?

Unable to attach multiple edges to a node

What I am Trying,
Let’s say, I Need User with 4 categories
Like this
user1–> category1, category2, category3, category4

I am able to connect only 2 categories at a time.
When try to add more than 2 categories older category nodes gets removed.

so initially user1–> category1 ,category2

after adding category3 and category4

new structure is
user1–> category3, category4

1.Do Dgraph have any limitations over adding number of nodes?
2. Is there is anything special functionality we need to add to handle more than 2 nodes?

As long as the schema is set to list, this should work fine.

So our schema looks like this

type user {
name: string +
category: [category]

type category {
cname: string
userId: string
biller: [biller]

name: string @index(exact) @lang .
cname: string @index(exact) @lang .
category: [uid] @count .

and that i use in mutation setQuery Looks like this

String query = "query {
user as var(func: eq(name, “+userName+”))

category as var(func:eq(name, “+userName+”))
category @filter(eq(cname,"+categoryName+")){
userId @filter(eq(userId,"+userName+")) }

and in mutation i try to do

String triples=" uid(user) <name> “”+userName+"" .\n" +
" uid(user) <dgraph.type> “user” .\n" +
" uid(user) <category> uid(category)"+
" uid(category) <cname> “”+categoryName+"" .\n"+
" uid(category) <dgraph.type> “category” .\n"+
" uid(category) <userId> “”+userName+"" .\n"+

what i am i missing or doing wrong?
Also can you please help me with the correct query and mutations in such case where i have to get to a neighbour node using the uid of the current node and if not present can set it as an neighbour to the current node.

Why you using the syntax like this? are you using upsert transaction?

I am using below code

Transaction txn=dgraphClient.newTransaction();
DgraphProto.Mutation mu = DgraphProto.Mutation.newBuilder()

DgraphProto.Request request = DgraphProto.Request.newBuilder()


i am pretty new to dgraph can you please help me with correct way to go ahead ?
Can you please help me on this ?