Do I still need a backend server for a full stack application to be used with dgraph?

If I wanted to use dgraph as a primary storage for data persistence, do I still need to create a backend server? Or my frontend (React for example) would just need to connect to the dgraph backend on the cloud? I was hoping to use dgraph with Nestjs

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You can do both. But right now I would recommend that you build your own backend.


Oh okay, what’s the current pro of building my own for now out of curiosity?

Also, are there any docs out there on how to implement this with Nestjs/Node?

I’m coming from MongoDB and PostreSQL so my initial response is usually to find an ORM. Though, I’m guessing there isn’t any for dgraph at the moment?

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You gonna learn a new nice thing. And learn a lot in the process. I’m not sure how things are in the cloud service. So I recommend to avoid it for now. Or at your own risk do it. Cuz it is a good service.

No and No. There are some repos out there with those frameworks. Also here in the discourse you gonna find several users who have done something with it.

From Dgraph, no. But there is a ORM from a user that I don’t record who. Not sure if are two or one ORM projects. But they exist.

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You just need to run a fetch within your nestjs endpoint. If you do like graphql, you could just fetch the graphql endpoint on the client. There are several ways to skin the cat.


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I think the best way is use nextjs like cloud platform. write cloud functions for the business logic.
do not leave the business code at the database layer.

i recommend cloudflare workers + dgraph