Do strings get converted to Float for inequality when the schema type is Float?

I am asking because I just have not tested yet and the playground does not have any Float data types (or Boolean either for sake of completeness) and I cannot add a new predicate to play around with in the playground (understandable for security reasons).

Given the example schema:

name: string
age: int @index(int)
score: float @index(float)

I am wanting to do a inequality comparison against the score field. I know that with integer fields I can use a string in the inequality function like:

  node1(func: eq(age, "31")) { ... }
  # or this works too
  node2(func: eq(age, 31)) { ... }

Can I also use a float as a string to do inequality and everything work without bugs?

  node3(func: eq(score, "99.9")) { ... }
  # or is it mandatory thaty I use a float type here:
  node4(func: eq(score, 99.9)) { ... }

Hoping the former can work without bugs to make DQL query generator script work without needing to check if string is a float.

Hi @amaster507, yes, you can do inequality comparisons similar to the way you do for integers. It should work.
In case, you find something strange, then please report to us.