Does DGraph support some special query structures like cycle?

I am doing some pattern matching experiments on DGraph. But when my query is a cycle(like: person1-Knows->comment-Replyof->post-HasCreator->person1, where the two person1 is the same person), I can’t find and write a correct SQL for pattern matching a cycle in DGraph. So I want to if there are some grammar or keywords supporting cycle query, or DGraph can’t query for a cycle.

Thanks for your early reply!

Chained queries don’t seem to be automated.I also did not find a way to support cycle query.

In the picture is the result of my query.

Thanks for your kindly reply.
But I think in your query, the last node connected by the last friend edge is precisely the first node, so the result is a cycle structure. But in my problem, there are more than one nodes will be filtered as the first node and the last edge also will connect more than one nodes. Unfortunately, in most cases, the last node can not be precisely the first node. I want to find some methods to match the last node with the first node. Thanks again for your reply :slight_smile: