Does Java Client support GraphQL

I am using the Java client and when using DQL queries it works all fine. When trying to use GraphQL queries it seems that these are not working. Could it be that the Java client only supports DQL? Using 20.03.3 java client.

True, Java client, and the Dgraph clients for other languages support only DQL.

GraphQL is not supported by Dgraph clients. Google should be able to find plenty of GraphQL clients in your choice of the language.

@abhimanyusinghgaur Thanks for your quick answer. No worries. Just wanted to check. Will continue with the current approach using DQL.

So it means, that if the graphql schema is to be populated within a dgraph instance across the network, we’ll have to POST it via curl/http call the /admin/schema endpoint. No such method provided by the java client.

If you use GraphQL you must to use a GraphQL client/lib/package. Forget Dgraph’s clients. You need them if you gonna use DQL only. Also, I think that any GraphQL client has a method to populate the Schema. Need to check,