Does Slash Graphql support dgraph apis?

I read a lot about dgraph, even the white paper. I think Graphql is much verbose and not powerful enough , any way to use dgraph directly?

for me, dgraph itself is simple, powerful, clearness,and less code, there is no necessary to add a mid-tier like Graphql .

Yes, you should be able to use DQL directly.

adding to Manish’s answer.

  1. Just go to Dgraph Cloud
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Backend Mode - Change it to “Flexible”.

And you are good to go.

@MichelDiz it will be pretty good if it also offer a “UI Mode”(Graphql | Ratel) setting.

Not sure what you mean, you can just point out the address to Dgraph Cloud in Ratel.

In fact the Dgraph Cloud UI has Ratel now!