DQL "GraphQL Variable" list only works with uids

Looking at the docs:


It does show how to query a list of uids using the “graphql variables” (most horrific naming still).

But is there yet a way to do this quoted array with a list of something other than uids? I don’t believe so. So I have to expand my variable list passing each variable as it’s own named variable. Not very user friendly for sure.

Yeah, it seems that naming convention: “GraphQL Variable” is a relic for sure. I would think a more appropriate name would be something like “DQL Parameterized Variables”.

I checked out the parser for this in the code and it seems the only supported values for the array signature are UIDs. Here’s a GH issue to track: DQL variables don't seem to be supported in arrays · Issue #2272 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub