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It would be wonderful if badger would support some sort of optimized way to handle deletion of a range of keys. Inspiration can be taken from other projects like RocksDB which implements a special range delete tombstone: DeleteRange: A New Native RocksDB Operation | RocksDB.

Use Case

I’m currently working on quasar which builds on badger to implement a persistent queue. There is a small runnable example here: quasar/main.go at master · 256dpi/quasar · GitHub. The whole thing works pretty well and in a basic setup with one producer and one consumer the steady throughput is about 100’000 messages/second on my computer. I think with badger not being necessarily optimized for that workload it’s pretty neat! :+1:

Since the queue has a fixed size, there is a “cleaner” process that periodically deletes processed messages to free space in the queue. This process iterates over the keys and removes them in using one or two transactions: quasar/ledger.go at master · 256dpi/quasar · GitHub.

Unfortunately, this approach is very expensive and is responsible for up to 30% of the CPU time used by the program:

The flame graph incorrectly attributes all badger.(*Iterator).prefetch calls to the initial badger.(*Iterator).Seek call. The normal graph does not make that connection and I assume they also come from the subsequent badger.(*Iterator).Next() calls.

With the support of something similar to range delete tombstones in RocksDB this would be possibly a lot faster. Also I would favor an approach that is not externally as for example db.DropPrefix is now. In my use case writes and deletes can happen at the same time and thus I would not want to block the database for cleanings.

I imagine an interface like the following:

func (txn *Txn) DeleteRange(from, to []byte) error {}

The same functionality could potentially also be used to delete based on a prefix:

func (txn *Txn) DeletePrefix(prefix []byte) error {
  return txn.DeleteRange(prefixStart(prefix), prefixEnd(prefix))

I didn’t to any research yet on how this could be implemented in badger. Maybe somebody from the team has already thought about this. Anyway, thanks for considering this!

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Which parts of the code would i need to look to get started on this??

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This looks like a useful improvement.