Duplicate Nodes while using live loader

Hi All,
I am trying to load large volume of data in json format using live loader but it’s creating duplicate nodes.
1.Is there a way to avoid node duplication without writing upsert query ?
command: dgraph live --xidmap -f jsonFilePath
2. while loading data seeing this error: rpc error: code = DeadlineExceeded desc = context deadline exceeded , can we check all failures of node creation ?
Please help us out.

Hi @dharm0795

  1. As you are using the xidmap option, if you use blank node identifiers consistently across your file loads, duplicates will not be created. Please try this option and let us know your opinion. AFAIK, the option of using upsert is not available here.
  2. The error you are seeing could be due to connection issues or insufficient memory on the alpha.