Eq function not in root requires Index

According to documentation the root function finds the first set of nodes, so if I make this operation:

   getById(func: uid("0x1"))@filter(eq(name,"test")){

Name is required to be indexed, but I think is not necessary becasue the uid function should return a single result.

I make the eq filter just for validation, so I don’t want to index the predicate because I will always fetch the data by uid.

Is there a way to make a eq function without index? I dont want to make a lot predicates just for validation with “has” function

Not sure if this can happen, but something similar was able to do check this https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/issues/2304 is a search without indexing.

But deep down this approach you are using @orlandoco does not make logical sense. Well you already have the Node you want, why filter?

Hello Michel, Because the Id it’s going to be taken from the client, and I need to make sure that he doesn’t inject randoms uids.