Error Log should print the exact line of the RDF/JSON

Experience Report for Feature Request

What you wanted to do

Analise the error log and try to find out where is the issue in my dataset to do sanitation.

PS. This also should be port to Liveloader.

What you actually did

Nothing, isn’t possible.

Why that wasn’t great, with examples

The error only says “invalid Syntax” instead of helping me out to fix it.

Any external references to support your case

See My present version is 1.0.15 need to upgarde it to latest, can u help me out - #38 by Thulasidhar-Siva

This would be very useful, especially if it also applied to the dgo client generally, not just the live loader.

humm, the clients are more “a controllable environment”. As in general you send small pieces of RDF/JSON. It is not recommended to send big batches at once via clients. If you wanna do it, you should “copycat” what liveloader does.

Yes I basically take a similar approach to the live loader e.g. here. Based on my testing throughput increases significantly as batch size increases, up to about 150kb-200kb message size. At that scale it can sometimes get complex to find marshalling errors etc.

got it.