Error resolving login failed because invalid username or password

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What I want to do

1, I need to login using /admin endpoint , with default user name groot and password is password

What I did

I have started dgraph new version 23.1.0 with docker.

docker run -it -d -p 7080:7080 --network dgraph_default -p 8080:8080 -p 9080:9080 -v ~/dgraph1:/dgraph dgraph/dgraph:v23.1.0 dgraph alpha --zero= --my= --bindall=true --security whitelist=; auth_token=123

zer started with below commans

docker run -it -d -p 5080:5080 --network dgraph_default -p 6080:6080 -v ~/zero:/dgraph dgraph/dgraph:v23.1.0 dgraph zero --my= --bindall=true

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version


I have tried to login localhost:8080 , but always getting login failed because invalid username or password error

/usr/bin/curl --silent --header 'X-Dgraph-AuthToken: 123' --header 'Content-Type: application/graphql' --request POST localhost:8080/admin --upload-file login.graphql

 cat login.graphql
mutation {
  login(userId: "groot", password: "password") {
    response {

Error log

{"errors":[{"message":"resolving login failed because invalid username or password","locations":[{"line":2,"column":3}]}],"data":{"login":null},"extensions":{"tracing":{"version":1,"startTime":"2024-02-26T12:00:11.717761338Z","endTime":"2024-02-26T12:00:11.726096964Z","duration":8335618}}}

When I try to get info from alpha , server went down immediately

curl --request POST --header 'content-type: application/json' --header 'X-Dgraph-AuthToken: 123' --url http://localhost:8080/admin --data '{"query":"query Config {\n state {\n groups {\n members {\n addr\n groupId\n id\n }\n }\n zeros {\n addr\n groupId\n }\n }\n health {\n status\n address\n instance\n version\n }\n}"}'

getting below error log while doing above query

I0227 03:33:42.070553      15 access_ee.go:368] RefreshAcls closed
I0227 03:33:43.953126      15 admin.go:865] namespace: 0. No GraphQL schema in Dgraph; serving empty GraphQL API
I0227 03:34:23.225841      15 http.go:239] namespace: 0. Got GraphQL request over HTTP.
I0227 03:34:23.226160      15 middlewares.go:183] GraphQL admin query. Name =  health
I0227 03:34:23.226163      15 middlewares.go:183] GraphQL admin query. Name =  state
I0227 03:34:23.226173      15 health.go:32] Got health request
[Sentry] 2024/02/27 03:34:23 Sending fatal event [eb6009f174ac41cd8529a21b78a5cba6] to project: 1805390
2024/02/27 03:34:23 strconv.ParseUint: parsing "\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00dgraph.graphql.xid": invalid syntax

Waiting for your reply to start our development process. Thanks.

can I expect reply ?