Error returned while dgraphloader is running

I start an instance using:

docker run -d - -name dgraph -p 8080:8080 -p 9080:9080 -v /data/dgraph:/dgraph dgraph/dgraph dgraph -
-bindall=true - -memory_mb 2048

I follow all the steps in using the Dgraph browser interface for the queries.
I then perform the import of the 21million.rdf.gz file (after performing the schema mutation as specified in the “Other Datasets” section).

Here is the bug(?):
While the 21million is being imported I go to the Dgraph Browser and perform any of the previous queries I did while following the get-started guide, and got no error, the following error is returned instead:

cannot get linearized read (time expired or no configured leader)

It does work sometimes but get the error more often than not.
Once the import finishes the system starts returning proper data without errors.
Is this expected behaviour?

@alfred This shouldn’t happen, we will investigate. I have filed an issue for the same.

@alfred: We have fixed the issue and updated the binary, can you please get the latest binary for 0.8.2 and try again.

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