Exceeded query edge limit = 1000000. Found 1328287 edges

When there are a large number of edges in the database, I cannot query all the data at once

this is my graphql

  nodeCount(func: has(ip_str)) @recurse(depth:10,loop:true){

result is

Is there any way to remove the edge restriction?

If you do dgraph alpha --help you will find this line:

--query_edge_limit uint            Limit for the maximum number of edges that can be returned in a query. This applies to shortest path and recursive queries. (default 1000000)

So, I guess you can use this --query_edge_limit flag to control that.

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FYI @Musc1eLee, this is DQL, not GraphQL. They’re similar but different query languages that Dgraph supports natively.

thanks :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: