Export DGraph Data to S3


I am currently running Dgraph v21.03 on AWS. The host has sufficient permissions to write to an S3 bucket using the AWS CLI.

The mutation that I am running to execute the export is as below.

mutation {
export(input: {
destination: “s3://s3.AWS_REGION.amazonaws.com/S3_BUCKET”,
}) {
response {

When I run this I am receiving the below message.

Unexpected response format. Response JSON: {‘errors’: [{‘message’: ‘resolving export failed because Export failed at readTs xxxxxx: while looking for bucket S3_BUCKET at host s3.AWS_REGION.amazonaws.com: Access Denied.’, ‘locations’: [{‘line’: 3, ‘column’: 3}]}], ‘data’: {‘export’: None}, ‘extensions’: {‘tracing’: {‘version’: 1, ‘startTime’: ‘2023-04-01T23:55:44.42822493Z’, ‘endTime’: ‘2023-04-01T23:55:44.464492029Z’, ‘duration’: 36267123}}}

The region and bucket are correct in the response ect.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Shouldn’t you pass accessKey and secretKey in mutation?