Extend number precision in answer

What I want to do

I want to have in return float number with whole precision (like 0.123456789…), but Dgraph round this number to precision 6. So there is any possible way to return the whole number?

What I did

At this moment I have 2 ways:

  • First is just store shares percent as a string, but because it’s impossible in Dgraph to compare different types, I’ve losing functionality to use gt, ge, etc.
  • Second is add to the schema one predicate with float type for comparison and each one with string type to return, but its kinda kludge.

Dgraph metadata

Dgraph version : v23.1.0 Dgraph codename : dgraph Dgraph SHA-256 : 2b0d2fb977807f9d681c3a8e5f67a6fb133c99c772009158107aa6b1ac4cbd10 Commit SHA-1 : 2b18d19 Commit timestamp : 2023-08-17 13:27:10 -0500 Branch : HEAD Go version : go1.19.12 jemalloc enabled : true