Facing issues with directives "@id" and "|" operator (Invalid schema. Unexpected |)

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## What I want to do ##

I want to bulk insert data

## What I did ## 

I tried to run bulk loader command ( dgraph bulk -f data.rdf -s schema.graphql)
When I add the directives then "@id" error is resolved and it says "Invalid schema. Unexpected |"

## Dgraph metadata ##
type Customer {
  customer_id: String! "id",
"directive @hasInverse(field: String!) on FIELD_DEFINITION"
"directive @search(by: [DgraphIndex!]) on FIELD_DEFINITION"
"directive @dgraph(type: String, pred: String) on OBJECT | INTERFACE | FIELD_DEFINITION"
"directive @id on FIELD_DEFINITION"

<summary><code>dgraph version</code></summary>

PASTE THE RESULTS OF `dgraph version` HERE.

at line 698 column 56: Invalid schema. Unexpected |

I also used solution mentioned in this link

but that didn’t work