[feature request] Static data in query/result

What I want to do

Add static data points to a query/result.
Something similar to this:

  node (func: type(TheType)) {
    expand(_all_) {
      placeholder: true

The placeholder: true part should be returned as-is in the result.
Similar in SQL:

SELECT TRUE AS placeholder;

If this was a feature, I would expect it to handle all data types.

Not possible. What is the goal here?

BTW. Feature requests are made on Github now.
If this feature is not popular. Don’t expect it to work in the short or medium term.

It’s for a graph browser UI. It fetches a node with its immediate children. User then can expand a child, which triggers a fetch for that node with its immediate children, and so on. Marking an unexpanded child as “placeholder” would simplify the UI code slightly.

No matter. If it’s popular someone will submit it eventually :slight_smile: