Feedback on Lambda, just some thoughts

Love the platform, it’s been so much fun quickly iterating on a graph schema I had sitting in the back of my mind for quite some time now.

I think there is some low hanging fruit in improving Lambda:

  1. Provide a “it can take up to a minute for your new Lambda code to be active” warning message. Some good spots could be either in the deploy window popup (where is says “Saving”), or below the editor box.
  2. Allow me to filter logs from past 5 min, 1 min. Otherwise I’m scrolling to the bottom of my 15 min logs every minute while testing new versions of the Lambda code.
  3. Provide a link to documentation on the Lambda page. Or even a link to this post which has great examples (answered my question about creating a custom mutation).
  4. Give some more detail on which version of Javascript is supported. I assume it’s ES6?

Just my 2c

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Ping @docs @gja

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You might be interested in this. I maintain the helm charts, and I added support for deploying lambda on K8S. There’s some examples on how to put it all together.