Fetch all counters with GraphQL API

Hi, similar to this post, is it possible to fetch all counters using GraphQL API? I am trying to get the number of all actors in the playground (https://play.dgraph.io/graphql) but I am not able to find anything.

Is this option available?

Of course, this query works, but I don’t know how to add the counters
{queryActor(first:10, offset:10){ name }}

Hey @ctwhome Aggregation queries like count, max, min, avg are not available currently through the GraphQL API but we have plans to add it soon.

thank you @pawan, I can’t wait to see how this grows

Are these still coming soon?

@amaster507 We are currently finalizing the Roadmap for Q3 and these and many other features would most likely be part of it. We’ll share the Roadmap in a week with the community.

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