Few of my favorite essays on software

Few of the essays that had significant impact on my software development point of view. I hope the team enjoys them as much as I did.

Curse of the gifted(HN discussion) - Eric S. Raymond tells a certain Linus Torvalds about the importance of managing complexity.

The complicator’s gloves - Sometimes it is better to keep things simple.

On unicode - Hands down the best primer on unicode handling. Having spent most of my career with a tool that uses ascii as default encoding I found myself referring it again and again.

On rewriting software - A Joel Spolsky classic, talking about the evil of rewrite from scratch.

The Zen of python - A misnomer - A more apt title would be actually be The zen of software development, life and everything in between. The ideas presented here are terse, and yet deep and powerful and applicable largely across any tool.

If you find these articles useful and per your taste, I may add more to this list.

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