Field arugments


I looked at the graphql official docs and there was a section about field arguments: here
I have 2 questions about this topic:

  1. Do you support this feature?
  2. What does it actually means?

Hi @spinelsun,

Quoting from Dgraph Type Docs ,
Schema rule : Fields with arguments are not accepted in the input schema unless the field is implemented using the @custom directive.

So answering question 1, fields with arguments are not supported in Dgraph unless they are with @custom directive.
You may read more about @custom directive over here.

What are you trying to use field arguments for ? Can you give an example ?

Hi @rajas,

Thanks for your response.
I thought that I had a case for field arguments but it seems now like I was wrong.
I thought about adding those arguments as metadata on the field itself.
assume we have a user and an animal and the user has a pet of type animal so the field argument will be name: dog. But I understand now that it is not the meaning of the arguments