Filter in query var

What I want to do

I want to have a filtering in the var query in upsert block. it returns an error saying:

rpc error: code = Unknown desc = line 2 column 65: Invalid usage of '@' in function argument, must only appear immediately after attr.

What I did

here’s my query:

query {
	var(func: type(Invite)) @filter(eq(invite_user_email, {{email}})){ 
		v as uid
		invite_resource {
			iv as uid
		invite_owner {
			io as uid

I am using the above query in upsert block here:

uid(io) <owns_invite> uid(v) .
uid(v) * * .
uid(iv) <share_recipients> uid(v) .	

I am Using the Golang client.

Can you share the whole query? I’m not quite following the issue based on what you shared.

I have fixed it. The issue is not in the query but rather my code which i dont remember anymore. you can close the thread or delete it, thanks