Fixed GC for badger v1

Moved from GitHub badger/1362

Posted by RubenKelevra:

There are two important fixes, which we’re looking forward to include in IPFS to solve out of memory issues as well as databases that won’t decrease in size after deleting data from them.

Is there a Badger v1 version planned to bring those fixes to a release?

jarifibrahim commented :

@RubenKelevra Yes, a new v1.6.x version is planned to be released soon. We ran into some crashes which are blocking the release currently. For instance this one . We’ll do a release when the crash is resolved.

RubenKelevra commented :

Great to hear. Thanks for the update!

RubenKelevra commented :

@jarifibrahim I hate to bounce this, but can you take another look at it? Is there a blocker which avoids a release with the GC fix? :slight_smile:

jarifibrahim commented :

HI @RubenKelevra , we have a few blockers but I don’t think it affects v1.6x . We found some bugs while testing badger which blocked badger release. See the issues tagged with release blocker on github.

Hi @ibrahim , when do you plan to release update for v1.6.x?

@sidenaio Badger v1.6.2 is out . Please do try it out.

@ibrahim, thanks a lot!

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