"func: type() "error in 20.11.03 or later

Thanks for your relpy!
Have dgraph team notice this issue?
Hope they can solve this.
@core-devs @MichelDiz

Did that issue resulted in any documented note with dgraph limits?
I’m going to have at least 500M nodes in project - should I be afraid of losing data or getting inconsistent query results?

We don’t have the bandwidth for this issue. So, if your case is related to this(I hope you have read the whole thing), sorry but we don’t have enough engineers to focus on this right now. If you know some Go Dev, we are hiring.

Nothing was document, because nothing will be evaluated.

In Dgraph there are no cases of data loss. But in some cases it’s kind of complex to troubleshoot.

Inconsistent results in overall is bad setup and misuse. In the specific case of this thread it is related to special characters in Asian languages.

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