The type() function performs poorly

I use the data here, This data is in CSV format, and it has 41.7 million nodes and 1.47 billion relationships.
I’m sharing the converted RDF file now, and my schema:

id: int @index(int) .
followers: [uid] @reverse  .

type twitter_user {
    id: int
    followers: [twitter_user]

I did three tests

The results show that the performance of the type function is poor.
And there’s another problem, when I run a query on the k8s cluster, the start_ts returned is always the same.

The second query should definitely be fast here.

  x(func: eq(id, 12)) @filter(type(twitter_user)) {

I suppose we are fetching all the uids associated with the type before doing the intersection. We could be smarter here. Accepting this as an enhancement.

Can you share a way to replicate this? You should get different start_ts unless you are reusing the same transaction every time.

@pawan Thank you for your reply.
I don’t know how to replicate this problem right now, it won’t happen with a single alpha, but three of my four clusters have this problem.

The first() and type() functions also seem to perform poorly when used together.

The has() function looks ok.