Getting the User.username while checking for User.password implemented via @secret GraphQL directive on DQL

Hi! As the title suggests, how can I compare the input password with the hashed password in the database with the use of DQL?

Changed the title question to include DQL. Also changed the initial question into something more meaningful.

The field is not a real field in the Schema… here are the instructions:

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Thank you for that reply! I really appreciate it. However, I should have rephrased my question better. I’ll change the title, but the exact question is how would I be able to achieve a similar effect (as with checkUserPassword GraphQL query) with DQL?

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So I guess I’ll take that as there’s no way to use DQL to check for the password field. Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

That is DQL… and it is a function to checking for a password match

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Oh :sweat_smile: my bad. I only seemed to peruse the page without checking the language. Thank you again! You’re a lifesaver