Go Libray for GraphQL schema parsing

Hi everyone,

I’m using Go, and I need to parse GraphQL requests intended for and the schema used in SlashQL.

For example, @chewxy mentioned parse_query and parse_graph from the graphql_parser Rust pkg graphql_parser::parse_query - Rust

Does anyone know of a lib/pkg to do that w/ Go? i.e. Does GitHub - vektah/gqlparser: A port of the parser from graphql-js into golang work?


I believe the dgraph repo has a graphql parser (but ironically it’s not in the graphql subdirectory. @pawan showed some snippets to me yesterday but I could not for the life of me remember where it is

@pawan @chewxy Looks like dgraph uses gqlparser ?

True dat!

Hey @chewxy For case 1, is there a library in Go for doing that? I’m recently encountering similar situation.

Use this:

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