Good Materials on learning fundamentals of Distributed systems

I just started with this course on Distributed Systems. Don’t know how relevant this course would be. I want suggestion on good book/courses on understanding fundamentals of distributed systems.

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So far, I’ve been reading various papers by Google. There’s an amazing talk by Jeff Dean, which is mentioned in this #reading category, that you might want to check out.

I’ve been on the look out for a good distributed systems book as well, so if you find something let me know as well.

Distributed database systems by David Bell has got good reviews, and its suggested appropriate for understanding the challenges of building distributed database systems.

I think it might be better to focus on general distributed systems, instead of specifically distributed databases. I think you’ll get much more options and quality for the former.

Also, look for Jeff Dean from Google, and gobble up any talk or slides that he gave on the matter. He’s the god of distributed systems. He also co-authored a lot of research papers by Google – Bigtable is a great one. And relevant to Dgraph.

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