I am building an application with dgraph as data store, with a schema in GraphQL. Is it supported to use the GraphQL schema end-point while performing all queries in the regular GraphQL± language using GRPC? Thanks!

Yeah, that should be fine. The GraphQL schema internally also maps to a Dgraph schema so you can do use all of the GraphQL± functionality. You won’t get some of the cool bits like Subscriptions, auth, custom logic etc. with GraphQL± that you get with GraphQL.

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Thanks for your answer. While I will miss out on those features facets are still only available as part of the native GraphQL±?

From what I have heard it is still a work in progress on GraphQL.

There are pros and cons for only using GraphQL and only using GraphQL±. It is recommended to only use one or the other because it could lead to errors. For instance you can create data with GraphQL± that would be unreadable by GraphQl due to required predicates missing which would actually throw errors.

From my understanding, it is possible to still use both at the same time though for users who want to get the best of both worlds. <-- Read that as possible, but not optimal.