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Dgraph invites you to our first virtual conference:

GraphQL In Space

Major Tom to Ground Control,

We at Dgraph would like to invite you to our first GraphQL Conference. It’s a single day virtual event all about GraphQL, bringing together the whole development community. We have an impressive line up of speakers. Oh yeah, and we’re hosting it in space, but you’re free to join remotely.

Get ready for blast-off!

We won’t lie - a global lockdown and travel restrictions did make the logistics of organizing our first GraphQL conference a little difficult. Moreover, we wanted to host a conference that could reach the whole GraphQL community, regardless of geographic constraints. And we kind of have a thing for pushing technical boundaries.

The fully-remote conference will be an intergalactic event that everyone can join from the comfort of your own spaceship (or bedroom, or hometown, or cabin in the woods). No need to put on a fancy spacesuit — just sign up for free and come on in your space PJs — or normal PJs, no one will know! :wink:

What to expect from GraphQL In Space?

  • Like-minded engineers, developers, and GraphQL superstars from around the universe (and if we get really lucky, a few from the nearby stars).
  • An inspiring learning experience with workshops, discussions, and networking circles that you can partake in from the best seat in the galaxy — your couch.
  • Speakers and GraphQL experts from AWS, PayPal, OneGraph, Auth0, GRAPL, and more!

We promise an engaging learning “atmosphere” :rocket:.

The launch is imminent — register today for free!

The one-day conference is entirely online and completely free for all to join! We encourage you to bring your friends for a day of unique learning experiences, innovative insights, new perspectives, and meeting new people. If we have one thing in common apart from GraphQL, it’s a love for pushing the boundaries for what’s possible.

See you (in space) soon!


Registered & now can’t wait to attend!

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@JoeD1992 We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, at 9 am Pacific Time!

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