GraphQL nested filter

For example I have a schema:

type Author {
    name: String
    books: [Book] @hasInverse(field: author) 
type Book {
    author: Author @hasInverse(field: books) 
    genre: String @search(by: [hash])

Is it possible to make nested filter? Something like that:

    queryAuthor(filter: { books: { genre: { eq: "detective" }}}) {
        books {

Here I want to get all the authors who wrote books in the genre of detective (and their books)


Hi, thanks for looking at our GraphQL features.

Filtering a result based on some deeper feature in the graph is a really powerful thing. Problem is the level of nesting needed is unbounded, so that ends up making a really big schema and really deep queries.

In our extended GraphQL± query language, you can do queries like this with query variables ( or the handy uid_in function ( We are planing on adding those sorts of feature in a GraphQL compliant way.

In the current GraphQL implementation, you’ll need to issue multiple queries where you restrict by ids to create the same effect.

Hey @poketulhu,

Adding onto what @michaelcomptonsaid, you can also check out the section on cascade in this blog .
Cascade in Dgraph’s GraphQL± query language helps you filter the top layer results based on the filter in the deeper parts of the query.

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