GraphQL Spec 2021 Released!

What changes may affect Dgraph?

After a very brief review it appears the major changes would be for Dgraph to support unique and ordered directives. I don’t think ordered directives really give any problems, until you start looking at repeatable directives. This could also help with additional features that will require more schema directives for such things as input validation.

I don’t think this effects anything within the other directives, but it could clean up some code bases by having multiple @auth directives for the same type, and then it would have to be considered how to merge multiple rules into one rule set which Dgraph is already handling by combining rules on interfaces and types together.

Some of the finer detailed changes to the spec might not effect Dgraph though because it doesn’t support users defining their own directives or scalars.

Any thoughts on the new spec from the @core-devs or our fearless leader @mrjn ?