GraphQL Subscription API (or any generated API really...)

I found in general difficult to find documentation regarding the name of the methods generated when importing a schema. For subscriptions, there’s nowhere in the docs a hard sentence saying… “when you add @withSubscription to your type, that’s the name of the methods you can subscribe to”. The only potential occurrence is withing a GIF.

It boils down to improving either one or both of these documents.

I’d especially suggest modifying significantly the “schema/generate” page. Make the discussion of the directive @generate a topic inside a page that describes the Graphql API generation. The API Generation page could also be moved to be right after the Overview.


Thanks J, but my thread is a suggestion regarding how to improve the documentation, not that I don’t know how to subscribe.
I did eventually find out that page before and others such as the blog post and then had to check the codebase to be sure that I knew every method that is generated for the subscription API. You might agree that it’s highly inconvenient to not be able to grab the needed information directly on the doc, needing to pass by multiple pages in different sites docs/blog/github.

As a very simple example, the page you linked is EXACTLY one of the problems. In the very last gif on that page there’s a hint that the API generated is getX(id) and queryX(stuff). I couldn’t find such information on any other page.

If anything, revisiting this thread made me realize that one can submit a PR for changes in the docs. Maybe I’ll engage in that next week.