Group nodes by a literal and count the number of categories

Hi! I’m working on a use case, which requires to be able to get the number of unique (string) literals in a connected component. For now it looks like this feature is missing. Do you see it possible to enable counting the number of unique categories after grouping nodes by a literal?

Here is an example (simplified):
I want to find out how many unique user_id’s do I have in my database, assuming user_id is a literal for the transaction node:

  find_ids(func: has(transaction_id)) {
    uids as uid
  group_by(func: uid(uids)) @groupby(user_id) {
    count( uid )

Here is the result:


        "@groupby": [
            "user_id": "111",
            "count": 3
            "user_id": "222",
            "count": 12

What I need, it’s just to be able to count the number of unique categories: 2 in this case. But it doesn’t seem to be possible because the current GraphQL functionality doesn’t support assigning variable to the grouped result. But maybe there is a workaround or I’m missing something.


there is no count functionality in 20.07.x or previous.

Here is the feature request: Add @count to GraphQL schemas and queries

It has been discussed about including count and some math functions possibly in 20.11

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