@hasInverse into a remote dgraph instance?

What I want to do

I want to link a node into a remote node of another DGraph in the same cluster.

Allow me to elaborate it more:

We have one DGraph instance, which we are have a big graph schema with some code data. Let’s name it: DGraphA
We want to deploy an additional DGraph instance inside the k8s cluster, and couple some types with some other types of the already existing DGraph instance. So, Let’s name the 2nd: DGraphB

The type schema on the DGraphB could be:

type Type {
id: ID!
foo: [BarType!] @hasInverse(field: DGraphA.AType.crazyInverse)

I would say that security-wise the risk is fair since both DGraphs instances are handled internally, without exposing them on ingress.

What I did

I’m investigating and reading ur docs. However, till now, I am sure if this is possible to be done.